Core Members

Photo Credit: BrandyLand Photography

Panta Mosleh, CEO and Executive Producer

Panta is a Persian-Canadian Actor/Director with a passion for acting and a great eye for filmmaking. Panta started her career in the industry when she was just a young girl. She was in a few episodes of a popular Persian TV Show and was always involved in plays in her elementary years.

She was the core member of anti-racism theatre groups with the Intercultural Association’s “Antidote” throughout her teen years. She graduated from the University of Victoria in British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Japanese. She studied acting at the University of Victoria, John Robert Powers and New York Film Academy.

Panta has worked on films, music videos, commercials, and promotional videos. She is the founder and CEO of PK Productions, Producer, Director, and some times does acting for their projects. She is currently working on producing a PK Productions short-film, titled “INSTANCE”, in which she will play the lead. She has also been signed on as a principle role in the feature film “Rage”.


Photo Credit: Arnold Lim

Daniel Carruthers, Director of Photography & Associate Producer

Our amazingly talented Director of Photography, Daniel Carruthers who has over 10 years of experience in the industry working on many Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and much more.


Joey Traill, Sound Engineer

He started his career in the industry with a principal role in the film “Dark Paradox” and has been involved in many live comedy shows in local theaters. Joey has experience working as a camera operator and an on set sound engineer on local TV shows, Music videos, and short films.


Nathaniel Spohn, Videographer

Newest addition to the PK Productions’ Team. Welcome Nate.

With a degrees in business and project management from Denmark, Nathaniel’s passion lies in powerful and effective communication. Thus he has been drawn to videos. Starting with YouTube presentations and progressing with over 20 courses in professional shooting and editing, He has found his passion in creating videos.